architecte & designer

Marc Held is both a designer and an architect. His work has ranged from the design of a tea spoon to industrial buildings, encompassing Limoges dinner china, ski outfits, automobiles and houses.

Although his studio was long based in Paris, his design creations were displayed and sold the world over. A number of his works are exhibited in museums of Contemporary art and certain ones, now rare and hard to find, feature in important public auctions.

Today, Marc Held principally devotes his attention to the relationship between vernacular and modern architecture. Joining practice with theory, he carefully selects commissions which allow him to design and construct houses complete with their landscaping and furnishings - in the spirit of great architects of the last century such as Mies Van des Rohe, Le Corbusier, Alvar Alto and Arne Jacobsen.

Marc Held now resides principally in Greece, which for more than a decade has been his second country.

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